prayer circle for our good bye 3Ariya was born with the ability to channel divine healing energy for herself and others. She started working with holistic methods at the age of 12 when she revolutionized her family’s life style and diet to a healthy one. As she took her first class in Herbalism and started making her own tinctures and salves to treat occurring diseases naturally, her friends and family started coming to her for advice. She increased her knowledge about the physical body and the energy body ever since and has 7 diplomas in the field of holistic health and well being.

She has a Masters Degree in Occupational Therapy and worked for many years in psychiatry as well as in private practices for children with learning or developmental retardation and ADD/ADDH. She holds diplomas in Anatomy, Psychology, Counseling, Sensory Integration Therapy for Children ( Jean Ayres), Pranic Healing ( Master Choa Kok Sui), Bach Remedies ( Dr. Bach) and Herbalism ( Hildegard of Bingen).

Ariya says to have always had a very close and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ and the Angels. But it wasn’t until she had developed a regular meditation practice that she started to get ‘ visitations’ by the Master. From the first day that Jesus took her by the hand and guided her to different places, her life had changed! Her intuitive healing capacities blossomed and she started to conduct spiritual healing sessions where the more scientific approach could not help. Soon enough in her work with the children and adults this was the main focus and in her free time friends and friends of friends started to call for remote sessions and healing occurred everywhere…!

2002 Ariya dedicated her life fully to Intuitive Healing and since then receives clients in her own practice or offers remote healing sessions to individuals all over the world. Born in Germany, she now lives on the Big Island of Hawaii and is mother to a beautiful son.

Today the main aspects employed in her healing practice are Crystal Healing, Channeling, high vibrational energy work with dolphin and whale energies, sound healing with crystal bowls, healing with Angels and Ascended Masters and the Emotion Code ( Dr. Bradley Nelson).